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"hell I been in the thing since I got it. great work!!!! keep it up!!!"
rpmws from cPanel forum post


"I am impressed, worth every penny. " from cPanel forum post

Save hours of time and frustration with this software that makes management of your cPanel servers soooooo much easier!

"Awesome idea and product!! The only problem I see is that it's too cheap! This software should be sold for no less that $199 and it should fly out at that price. Works great and easy. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks again."
Coast Internet Solutions

"This software has saved me so much time. I have only had the software for a few hours but recommend anyone with multiple servers to buy this software. Thanks."
Ivaserver from cPanel forum post

The WHMAdmin software is a web-based interface to all of your WHMs. If you have more than one server, we guarantee you this tool will save you tons of time and aggravation.

  • Does it drive you crazy trying to figure out which server a user account is on?
  • Would you like to know very quickly what reseller an account belongs to, no matter what server the account is on?
  • Are you always hunting for your passwords so that you can log into a client's cPanel control panel?
  • How about being able to look up an IP address and see which domain it belongs to, no matter which one of your servers it's located on?

We're web hosts ourselves so we know all too well how annoying and time-wasting these tasks can be. So we developed software that can solve these problems and make your life so much easier.

Features include:

  • Immediately look up an account and see what server it's on

  • Log into an account's cPanel with one click of a button

  • Log into the WHM that an account is on with one click of a button

  • Search every account in your system, no matter what server it's on (as long as it's cpanel) using a domain name, IP address, server name, owner, username, or package

  • Sort each column of the search results alphabetically a-z or z-a

  • Easily add all of your server information so that the WHMAdmin software can automatically gather the account information from each server

  • Whenever you've added accounts to any of your whms, just click on Refresh Users and all the new ones will show up and it works the same for deleted accounts

  • The domain name in the list of accounts is linked to the website of that domain name,, so you can easily check the status of your client's website

  • The IP listed for each account is linked to http://IP/~username. This lets you check a website before the domain name has propagated

  • Look up a domain name and see if you have duplicates. Ever moved an account and then forgot to delete it off of the original server?

  • Gives you a total count of all your accounts across all of your servers

  • For each search function, gives you the total for that search query. For example, want to know how many .net domains you are hosting? Just type .net in the search box, choose domain and the WHMAdmin displays all the domains that have .net in them and gives you the total count of them across all of your servers.

  • Whois button next to each domain name lets you quickly and easily look up the whois info

  • IP Resolve function - check to see if you have any accounts that aren't correctly resolving to your IPs. Also includes a filter function so that you can check for example, just the domains on one server or just the .org domains or just a single domain

  • Will collect all the account information from all of your whms, whether your servers are using different nameservers or are at different datacenters

  • Domain Info function that opens a popup text window so you can add notes about each domain

  • Accommodates an unlimited number of servers

  • Uses SSL for maximum security


"This tool i have used 25 times in 2 days already. For people with multiple servers it's a must. But even for people that have one server ... it could be helpful becuase of the speed of the search as well as the ability to go directly into the account cPanel or that server's WHM. I love it!!!! thumbs up from me!!!
rpmws from cPanel forum post

"I got to say I'm quite impressed. TWO THUMBS UP!"
dgbaker from cPanel forum post


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